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Trying to reach new heights and getting impatient waiting for everyone to follow along?

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Successful long-term change and performance improvement is effective when strategy, culture and leadership are aligned. Silvermine Consulting brings our extensive experience in these areas to support organizations and their people become more successful in creative and sustainable ways.

We are an organizational change firm that partners with our clients to strengthen their leadership and management capabilities.

Our clients start working with us at different points in the strategic change continuum. It could be executive coaching or to facilitate an off-site. They soon realize that that to create lasting change and improvement one must address all pieces of the puzzle, such as:

  • A compelling shared vision of the future
  • An organizational culture in alignment with this vision
  • A process that engages all levels of the organization
  • High performing teams accomplishing successes and demonstrating new ways of working
  • Strong flexible leadership and leadership development

Together we will lay out the roadmap your organization needs to create the changes you really need.

When you engage Silvermine Consulting you get experienced and highly qualified consultants - with many years of experience and advanced degrees.

Since 1990, we have established a network of professionals who jump in with both feet to deliver results and high value to our clients. When you engage Silvermine Consulting you get experienced and highly qualified consultants - with many years of business and consulting experience and advanced degrees. Some of our consultants have their own successful independent practices, and they enjoy working on the Silvermine team. We have known and worked together for many years.

Our Approach draws on many different disciplines, ideas and traditions including: Systems Thinking, Strategic Planning, Action Research, Native American Council models, Yoga, Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Aikido and more: all with the intention to produce profound insight, learning and sustainable change in people and organizations.

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From vision to reality


We partner with leaders and their teams, designing and facilitating working sessions and off-sites to create a shared vision story and formulate organizational and cultural change strategies to accomplish the vision. Great strategies and poor implementation will not happen when Silvermine Consulting is partnering with you. We help you put in place teams and management processes to engage the whole organization in reaching the vision and creating breakthrough results along the way.

Cultural change


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Within the vision stories we facilitate there is a description of the future state of the organization’s culture. Extracting those insights through deep conversations with the leadership team and managers clarifies the culture agenda shown in this graphic. Leaders hold each other accountable for practicing behavior changes needed to lead towards the desired culture.

Implementing a Culture Agenda


Development & coaching

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Once you are clear about the cultural values and behaviors you wish to develop, it becomes easier to express the leadership attitudes, skills and behaviors you expect your successful leaders to imbibe and demonstrate every day. A well designed leadership development program will build your leadership bench strength. Some leaders also benefit from having a coach and a confidential sounding board.

We have successfully coached CEO’s of multi-billion dollar organizations, functional managers and everyone in between.


Profiles and tools

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We offer a wide range of leadership and management assessment and profiling products, which accelerate the important conversations needed in teams and individual coaching assignments. We partner with Wiley, MRG (Management Research Group), and Human Synergistics

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Building the high performing team

Wiley Five Behaviors of a Cohesive Team

Organizations succeed because of team performance far more than individual performance. Leadership teams are in place in most functions, as well as at the very top. Silvermine Consulting’s work is often with leadership – helping them create and communicate "Vision Stories", developing strategies for reaching the vision, and putting in place implementation teams and processes. However in a team there are behaviors that can either disrupt or undermine a team's effectiveness or behaviors that can create cohesion and outstanding performance.

If you have recently formed a new team, or changed its members, then this is an ideal time to consider this program.

THE FIVE BEHAVIORS OF A COHESIVE TEAM offers a powerful process to improve and accelerate team performance.